Pattern Updates to JoJo, Butterscotch & Lily

Posted by Ann Blair 23/05/2020 0 Comment(s) Pattern Updates,
Updates to Patterns:
OAD 79 JoJo
There are some sets of instructions in  which the pattern pieces are numbered incorrectly. The corrections are as follows:
page 2 - where is says to fold under the long edges of the band #5 - that should be band #4
page 3 -there is one illustration in which it shows the band being attached to the inside of the dress, it should show the outside of the dress
page 3 - after gathering instructions it says to fold under the short ends of piece #6, it should be piece #5.
page 4 - instructions are for piece #6, the straps, not piece #4
OAD81 Butterscotch
Going from a Mac to a PC corrupted some of the files in the Butterscotch instructions - hopefully not too many but if you have one of them, please email me for a new set of instructions at
Some of the instructions also have an error on step 6 - the diagram shows the back piece as #2, it should be labeled #3
OAD95 Lily
If anyone has instructions for Lily in which Piece #3, the dress back is pictured on the fold in the fabric layout diagrams instead of Piece #2 dress front, please contact me at and I will email you a new set of instructions.

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